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Rooo, it’s Alfie proper right here behind the keyboard. My folks went on trip for per week and left me behind with canine sitters. That’s alright, I don’t like occurring an airplane anyway and the dogsitters had been pawsome and spoiled me rotten. Nonetheless the truth is I was attempting forward to sniffing my precise folks as soon as extra, so after they confirmed up I wagged my tail a little bit bit further and roo’d loudly to permit them to know I’d missed them.

Nonetheless what did they do?

They left as soon as extra, sooner than they’d even given me dinner!

Talked about they’d been going to the grocery retailer and be once more rapidly. In spite of everything I didn’t think about them and commenced sniffing spherical their baggage and suitcases for an appropriate snack. I found the youngest human’s bag and commenced gnawing by the fabric to hunt out a variety of packing containers of delicious sweet raisins inside. I’d merely chewed my method by 4 packets when the folks acquired right here once more, observed what I was doing and rushed me to the vets. The vet made me throw up, after which I spent the rest of the night feeling miserable, and a little bit bit drunk.

The folks cuddled me a little bit bit further that evening and instructed me I’m a silly outdated pup who on no account grows up. Nonetheless I didn’t care, on the very least my full family pack was collectively as soon as extra – and they also did in the end give me dinner *waggy tail*.

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