What is the Best Dog Training Collar


There are many aspects to a successful dog training plan. Dedication to your pup and positive reinforcement are the best tools for success, but training collars can also help you in your efforts. Training collars can assist in getting your dog comfortable with the feeling of wearing a collar, guiding them when learning how to walk on a leash, and correcting any improper behaviors along the way. 

Let’s introduce you to the most common dog training collar types below. 

Standard Collar: A standard collar, or buckle collar, is one of the most common types of training collars available. These collars are appropriate for pups of all sizes, and they offer plenty of versatility when adjusting the sizing. While they do not offer much feedback when a dog is walking on a leash, they will adjust quickly and will not choke your pup throughout their walk. 

Choke Collar: A choke collar is a common training collar used to get your dog’s attention when they are learning how to walk on a leash. These collars are created to tighten anytime your dog pulls on the lead, leading to some discomfort until they stop pulling. 

Martingale Collar: A martingale collar is a more gentle form of a choke collar. These collars are essentially a combination of a buckle collar and slip lead, as they have a second loop on the collar that will tighten as a dog pulls. However, this loop only allows the collar to tighten slightly, so it will not choke your pup to the extent of a choke collar or slip lead. The tightness on their neck should still be enough to gain their attention. 

Prong Collar: A prong collar is a type of training collar that should only be used by those with proper experience. This collar consists of blunt metal links that face inward on the collar, coming in contact with your dog’s neck when the collar is placed properly. When pressure is applied, these links will move close together, creating a pinch on the dog’s neck. Due to the fact that these collars require training experience to ensure your dog’s safety, we do not recommend them for the average puppy owner. 

Shock Collar: A shock collar is a training collar that delivers a vibration or shock when the owner sends the signal. These collars typically come with a remote that the owner has control of, allowing them to send a signal to the collar when the dog is not acting appropriately. We should mention that these collars have been known to cause additional aggravation and even aggression in dogs, and are not considered effective for basic obedience training. Vibration collars may be warranted in dogs with severe struggles with concentration, but that’s not very common. 

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